Youth and High School Lacrosse for Ammon / Idaho Falls area of South Eastern Idaho.

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US Lacrosse Membership:

All players must be registered at  The membership is good for 1 year.  The players US Lacrosse Membership will be required for registration.



Youth (K-8th Grade co-ed)

Fall Lacrosse:  Registration must be complete at and  Fall games will be played in Utah.

Spring Lacrosse:  We have two options for our 5/6 & 7/8 teams.  They can do Idaho only games or play in Idaho/Utah.  If you plan to do Utah games, you must register at and  If you plan to only play in Idaho, you only need to register at  Our k-2 and 3/4 teams play in Idaho only (if we have enough interested in playing with IMLAX, we can go) and will register at  

HS (JV and Varsity Boys)

Our HS Team plays with IHSLL.  Registration is completed at



All players must have the following gear:.  helmet, chest pad, elbow pads, gloves, stick, mouth guard, cleats, and protective cup.


Rental Program:

We have a gear rental program for our Youth Teams (K-8th).  For $50 and a $100 deposit check, the club rents a helmet, chest pad, elbow pads, and gloves.  Players must provide a stick, mouth guard, cleats, and protective cup.